NOTICE is hereby given that the 2023 Annual General Meeting will be held at the Chinese Association of Victoria, on Sunday, 5 March 2023 at 1330 hours.


  1. Attendance
  2. Receive and adopt the Minutes of the previous Annual General Meeting.
  3. President’s Address.
  4. To receive, consider and adopt the financial report of the CAV for the year ended 31 December 2022 and the reports by the Treasurer and the Auditors thereon.
  5. Appointment of an Independent Auditor.
  6. Report from School Principal.
  7. Report from School Council Chair.
  8. Report from School Building Trust Fund
  9. Report from the Honorary Fellows Board Chairperson
  10. Report from the Building Project Committee Chairperson
  11. Confirmation of Safekeeping of CAV Certificate of Title by Chua Tan & Associates.
  12. General Business by prior notice duly submitted to the Executive Committee.
  13. Election of Incoming Committee by the returning officer.

More information at: AGM Papers

    Please advise the CAV Secretary by email by 12:00 pm on 19 February 2023 should you wish to add any items to the AGM Agenda for discussion at the meeting. Inclusion of these items will be subject to the approval by the CAV Executive Board. We would greatly appreciate if you can attend the AGM and join us for the light afternoon tea. We need at least 50 members present for the AGM, we would appreciate if you could make an effort to attend.

    Yours Sincerely,

    Mai Saw
    Hon Secretary 2022/23