CAV Photo Gallery

Photo Credits: Most of the photos seen here were taken by Mr. Kim Saw

5/6 February 2022 A New School Year Begins!

School is back for 2022! The buzz and excitement can be felt as you walk through the campus. Parents asking for directions to classes. The odd kindergarten child wailing for her parents. The small groups of parents chatting in the shade. And of course, the seasoned CAV school students who have been through this experience so many times before. Come take a look inside the school on our very first day.


Over the past years our donors have had the foresight to recognise the importance of CAV’s Chinese School in shaping the culture of young Chinese Australians in Victoria. In 2021, the School Building Fund (SBF) helped fund 2 new school buildings consisting of an additional set of classrooms as well as a new library/parent’s lounge, where parents can wait or chat with other parents while their children are in class. Come for a tour of the school.

June-July 2021 – Behind the Scenes

The opening of 2 new buildings and refurbishment of some older classrooms didn’t happen by themselves. Members of Exco, family and members chipped in their time and volunteered to make it happen. Here are some behind the scenes shots of volunteers in action.

27-28 March 2021 – CAV School End-of-Term Sausage Sizzle

How time flies! The CAV’s first term is already over and the school celebrated this with a sausage sizzle over the two weekend days. Highlights were show bags for all students (products sponsored by Oriental Merchants),  Sichuan cold foods (sponsored by one of the school parents) and an Art exhibitions by Incredible Art Studio 飞凡艺术

21 February 2021 – CAV School Chinese New Year Celebrations

Taking advantage of the beautiful weather, the Chinese School hosted a picnic for students and parents on the CAV school grounds.

20 February 2021 – Yee Sang Dinner.

After our long lockdown, this was the first event in 2021 that we could meet again. Due to Covid restrictions we had to cut down on the number of seats at the Shangri-La Inn. But it was so good to eat out, and to see friends and familiar faces.

02 February 2020 – Yee Sang Dinner.

Our last event in 2020 prior to the COVID lockdown in Victoria

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