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Our History

The Challenge:

How do we ensure that the next generations of Chinese Australians will have good cultural core values and an appreciation of the multicultural environment that we now call home?


How will our children learn to be multilingual in Chinese and be prepared for the future?

At rented premises in Nunawading High School

A new school building arises….February 1996

Our Story

Dr Clement Wong (President, 1987):

The main objective then was to help new Chinese migrants to integrate into Australian society by providing a base for contact with other more established members in the community. This was at a time when there were far less Asians in Melbourne and settling down in a new and predominantly unfamiliar environment was quite daunting from a social, professional and family point of view. Right from the early days, far from encouraging a ‘ghetto’ mentality CAV performed a unique function of easing new arrivals painlessly into the Australian way of life by providing a sort of ‘comfort zone’ while this process was taking place.

The other objectives of preserving the Chinese cultural heritage, and facilitating the teaching of Mandarin necessitated the acquisition of land and building a centre for such purposes. This vision was quickly achieved, thanks to the generosity of the early members and committees who extended 15-year interest-free loans to CAV. They ‘put their money where their mouth was’.  

What We Do

We look after the school’s building needs

The object of the fund is to raise moneys from the public and from members of the Association exclusively for the purpose of the construction and maintenance of buildings used as a school.

The trust was set up on 10th June 1987.

Manage the Investment of the Building Fund

The Trustees can invest or sell assets to meet its objectives.

The Trustees shall invest the assets in any investment authorized by the laws of the Commonwealth of Australia or any of its States or Territories for the investment of trust moneys with power from time to time to sell or get in any such investments and to vary or transpose them for other investments of any of the classes specified.

Raise more funds

As the school’s building facility needs grow, the SBTF is there to help raise funds to enable the school’s building needs to be achieved.

With Your Help, We are Making The CAV Chinese School a Differentiator for our Children

Extra learning on weekends is tough. But it helps build discipline, a good work ethic and instils good cultural fundamentals in our children – which they are not likely to get in the public schools.

Learning language skills, ethics and family traditions in a fun way improves their social emotional learning skills and prepares them for a future in which they will stand out as well rounded and mature adolescents on their way to being global citizens.

Your donations built this school

Our next milestone is to raise funds to build additional classrooms for the CAV Chinese School, and replace air conditioning, decking, verandahs and gutters.


Mr Kwok Kiu Cheung
Mr Steven & Mrs Jane Cheung
Mr Peter & Mrs Kim Huah Ho
Mr Bee Kok & Mrs Yew Choo Peh
Mdm Tam Yam
Mr George & Mrs Jeannie Chan
Dr Ka Sing & Mrs Ramona Chua
Mr Wing Chang Wong
The Fan Family
Ms Wek Eng Li
Mr Lay Kiat Koh
Mr Siong Kheng Tee

School Building Trust Fund Board

Chairman Dr Ka Sing Chua
Secretary Jenny Yanli Chin
Treasurer Mrs Mimi Leung
Trustee Mr Daniel Loh
Trustee Mrs Shirley Teh
Trustee Mrs Susan Gin
Trustee Mr Boon Chuan Tay


Application for full Tax Deduction of Donations to the CAV School was initiated in 1985/86 and became a reality in December 1989.

This major achievement greatly assisted the Association with its fund raising efforts and following the Federal Government Grant of $200,000 in December 1992, CAV was able to proceed with the building of the Phase one of the Building Project, which is the CAV School.

Donations of $2.00 or more to the School Building Fund is 100% tax deductible and a receipt is provided for this purpose. However, to qualify for the 100% tax deductibility, the Taxation Department stipulates that the School Building Fund can only strictly be used for building the School and its Maintenance. That is, only expenses on the CAV School buildings and maintenance by the CAV General Fund can be reimbursed by the SBTF.

Trustees to the SBTF Board are nominated by the CAV Board of Executives and endorsed at AGM by the members.

The office of trustees is for 2 years but can be renominated again after expiry.

All donations are welcome and can be made payable to the Chinese Association of Victoria School Building Fund. Please direct all enquiries to the Chairperson or to any trustees of the SBTF.

– Dr Ka Sing Chua

A Letter for the School Building Trust Fund

Dear members,

Our Chinese School is one of the keyways that we ensure that the next generations of Asian Australians will have good cultural core values and an appreciation of the multicultural environment that we now call home.

Keeping a school with 14 classrooms open throughout the year (not to mention teachers and staff) is an expensive venture, if not for the generous contributions of many of our members.

CAV typically holds an annual event, the Mid Year Dinner in June to raise funds for the renovation/upkeep of our CAV School Building. This event is usually patronised by 200 members enjoying an evening of fine dining and performances at our own CAV premises.

Last year, due to the COVID19 pandemic, we  had to cancel this fundraising event, but if you would still like to support our School Fundraising, you can still help.

All donations over $2 are Tax Deductible and will be held in trust by the School Building Trustee, lead by Dr Ka Sing Chua.

  1. Download and complete the SBTF pledge form or submit the online pledge form.
  2. Please pick payment options 1-4 as desired. Save the form.
  3. Email the completed form to:
    Dr Ka Sing Chua   (
    Mobile: 0409 838 388

On behalf of the CAV Executive Committee and School Building Trustee Board, we would like to thank you in advance for any donation you are making.

Best regards,

Iwan Jusof (游意旺)

President 协会主席