President’s Message 2020


2020 is going to be a challenging year for the CAV. Due to ongoing restrictions and best practices recommended by the government, we have had to shut down our hall, suspend many of our sub-group activities and move our Chinese School towards a Home Based Learning strategy.

Inspite of this, we will use this period to work on a four pillar strategy to improve the CAV.

Rebuild – we will reaffirm the function of EXCO, which is to serve its members. We have representatives from most (if not all) subgroups and school parents. We want to hear from CAV members; their ideas and suggestions are – what makes a better CAV.

We will re-establish the Building Project Committee (BPC) again. We will call for an expression of Interest from our members – to tap into the large pool of talented people – to advice Exco on any building project initiatives.

We will also establish an Advisory Board as detailed in our constitution, consisting of Past Presidents of the Association; to seek non-binding, objective and strategic advice and recommendations from them.

Reconnect – we want to reconnect with CAV members across the entire membership; from the Foundation members, Life members, subgroup members to what is currently, “Disconnected school parents”. We also want to reconnect with CAV’s sponsors.

Reach out – We cannot exist in isolation. CAV, with its members, has many resources, talent and skills. CAV will more actively contribute and reach out to the larger Australian community. By working together with local MP(s), City Council(s) and other local communities, CAV will become a Not-For-Profit organisation that is well known for helping its local community.

Regenerate – We want fresh faces and fresh ideas in EXCO, but we must always be mindful of our history and tradition. We are looking at an evolution rather than a revolution to regenerate EXCO. We want to sow the next generation with the guidance of the past generation of Exco leaders.

We want to build harmony and create a peaceful community among CAV members and to achieve this, we need a passion from our members to participate and contribute to CAV’s success and sustainability.

I look forward to working together with you for the success of CAV.

Thank you.


Iwan Jusuf