About the CAV

The Chinese Association of Victoria Inc. (CAV) was founded in 1982 by a small group of Chinese who shared common objectives for the future of Chinese in Australia.

Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission and Vision is to promote Chinese Language, Art, Dance and Music, and to preserve the Chinese Heritage.

The Chinese Association of Victoria (CAV) is a non-political, non-religious organisation formed to serve and represent the interests of those members of the Chinese community who recognise a common set of needs, and wish to take positive action to achieve these aspirations.

While encouraging integration with Australian society, we take cognizance of the fact that as a minority group of new Australians we need an effective organisation to:

  •  look after our welfare and cater to our special needs
  • promote greater understanding and appreciation of the Chinese community in Australia
  • enable us to play a positive role in local affairs which affect our well-being

The Chinese have a rich cultural heritage. We believe that many aspects of our Chinese culture are worthy of preservation and could be shared with other Australian communities, just as we could share in the richness of their cultures. Members of the other Australian communities who are interested in Chinese culture are welcome to join our Association.

We encourage integration with Australian society, and actively support multiculturalism in Australia. The Chinese have a rich cultural heritage which we can share with other Australians and ethnic communities. We promote greater understanding and appreciation of the Chinese Community in Australia. At the same time we look after the Chinese welfare and cater to our special needs.

We play an active and positive role in affairs which fall into our Objectives.

CAV’s future depends on the supports from not only the Chinese, but the wider Communities. All are welcome to join our Association and support us.


  • To promote Chinese language, Chinese culture and to preserve Chinese heritage.
  • To provide facilities and venues for the promotion of Chinese language, culture, custom and heritage.
  • To provide assistance and relief to individuals and families in need in the Chinese community.
  • To assist and encourage new arrivals of Chinese origin to integrate with the Australian community.
  • To encourage and foster goodwill, cooperation and understanding with similar Chinese organizations and the wider communities in Australia.
  • To represent the interest and concerns of Chinese in Australia. The Association does not have any political or religious affiliation.
  • To provide facilities and opportunities for social, sporting and other recreational activities ancillary to the stated purposes of the association and as a centre to support the above purposes.

The Management Team

The Chinese Association of Victoria is run by a capable team of volunteers, who give freely of their time to ensure that Mission and Objectives of the Association continue to thrive and grow in Victoria.

The 2021 Management team

Who We Are

The 2022 Team & Leadership

Iwan’s team vision is to build a more lively and better managed CAV where every member, subgroups, school parents and teachers can enjoy better facilities and where every member can feel part of a greater community.

The majority of this team were in the 2020 and 2021 EXCOs and their continuity into the 2022 EXCO will ensure maximum continuity and follow through for projects started in 2020-21.

Iwan Jusuf 游意旺

Iwan Jusuf 游意旺

President 会长

Iwan joined CAV in 2014 as a school parent and has been a member of EXCO for the last 7 years. In 2016-2017 he was a committee member, in 2018 and 2019, he was a Vice President and in 2020 he was elected President – a position that he will hold through 2022.

Iwan has been an active participant in the EXCO and has been involved in organizing CAV Mid Year Dinners, Gala Balls and many CAV activities. He also manages the social media and newsletter distribution to all CAV members.

Iwan has been working in the IT industry for over 18 years in the senior management of a listed US company with a project portfolio worth over A$25 Million for major telecommunication, mining, insurance, banking and finance companies in Australia. He is now an entrepreneur, running his own signage and printing business (for the last 7 years). Iwan is a very devoted Christian, loves God and his family.

Shirley Teh 郑吕雪丽

Shirley Teh 郑吕雪丽

1st Vice President 第一副会长

Shirley Teh worked full time at Monash College as an Assistant Accountant and spent her spare time volunteering at CAV. Before joining CAV, she was the Treasurer of the Australian-Asian Association of Victoria for 3 years. ​Shirley joined CAV in 2008 as a committee member and was given the portfolio of Membership registrar. She revamped the membership files starting from inception in 1982, introducing membership numbers and membership cards.

From 2009-2013, Shirley was the Vice-President of CAV Exco and in 2014-2015 she became the President of CAV. In this role, she hosted Hon Julie Bishop twice at a reception to welcome all Chinese migrants to Australia. In recognition of her work, in 2016 the CAV proclaimed her a CAV Honorary Fellow. Shirley is currently the Treasurer of the HF Board.

Shirley was presented the Individual Volunteer Achievement award by Hon Alan Tudge, and was also the winner of the Aston Community Award in 2016.   The Aston Community Awards celebrate local volunteers and community groups who give their time, skill and energy to helping others and making the Knox community a better place to live.

In 2017 Shirley was  invited to join the CAV School Building Trustee Board and is now a Board member. Shirley was also the Secretary of the CAV Golf group.

Chee Yeong came to Melbourne in 2018 and has been a CAV member and a school parent since then. He was elected to the Exco in 2020. Before coming to Melbourne, he worked in several multinational companies in Penang, in production engineering, product engineering, product development and program management, early in his career.

He then moved to marketing and was responsible for worldwide and regional business. In this role, he has traveled to many countries including the US, India, China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, most of the ASEAN countries and Australia/New Zealand.  In this way, he is able to appreciate the diversity of the CAV members and be able to organise cultural activities that will appeal most to them.

As a CAV school parent, he sees the importance of the healthy development of CAV and wants to be an integral part of it. This is Chee Yeong’s third year in EXCO and second year as a VP. This year, he has also taken on the role of School Council Chairperson. He hopes that by joining the CAV EXCO, he will also inspire other parents to join the CAV and involve themselves in more CAV activities, so as to build a bigger and flourishing community.

Chee Yeong Neoh  梁志勇

Chee Yeong Neoh 梁志勇

2nd Vice President 第二副会长

Chiau Lin Lau 刘巧灵

Chiau Lin Lau 刘巧灵

3rd Vice President 第三副会长

Chiau Lin, Chartered Financial Analyst and Chartered Accountant (ANZ) holds a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Melbourne. She is responsible for evaluating, structuring and managing property transactions throughout its investment cycle at Monark. Chiau Lin worked in Corporate Finance, Banking and Financial Audit (PwC, NAB, KPMG) and has worked on corporate and property transactions in excess of $2 billion in transaction value. She has working experience in Asia and is fluent in both English and Mandarin.

Chiau Lin was recognised by the Institute of Chartered Accountants as Acuity 2020 Future Leader – 20 Chartered Accountants to watch for making a meaningful difference in society. She is also the author of infinancetech.com to help and encourage interest in accounting and finance.

Chiau Lin is actively involved in NGO and is a panel member of the Victorian Young Chartered Accountants. There she champions the needs of young professional members at the Institute. She is a certified instructor and holds a black belt in Japanese Martial Arts Aikido.

Mai joined CAV in 1993. When her son started Prep class at CAV Chinese School in 1994, she volunteered to start the Sunday morning Tai Ji group for the school parents and continues to be the chairperson of the group until today. In 1994, she was also recruited to be the secretary of CAV Chinese School council and continued to serve in the council for many years. She was chairperson of the School Council from 2004-2007 before she retired from the council.

In 2002, Mai and her husband, Kim, joined CAV ballroom dancing group. They are both keen dancers and participated in many of the group’s dance performances. In 2002, 2003 and 2009, Mai was a committee member in CAV Executive Team and in 2007, 2008 she became the 2nd Vice President of CAV. During her time in the ExCo and School Council, Mai has organised and helped to organise many CAV events, such as Chinese New Year, DuanWuJie (Dragon Boat) and ZhongQiuJie (Mid-Autumn) Festival celebrations and food fairs.

Since 2008, Mai has volunteered to take on the roles of Grants Coordinator and Newsletter/Anniversary Magazine editor. She has helped CAV to obtain tens of thousands of government grants for the festivity celebration events and infrastructure projects.

Mai was recognised as a CAV Honorary Fellow in 2006 and in 2012 became a member of the then Honorary Fellows Advisory Board. In 2019, she became the secretary of the Honorary Fellows Board. Since 2002 Mai has served as VP four times and as a Committee member three times.

Being educated in a Chinese school, Mai is a strong advocate of CAV’s objective to promote Chinese culture and preserve Chinese heritage. Mai’s main focus is to help the team to get grant money to run more family and cultural activities as well as to improve CAV infrastructure. She will help to produce the e-Bulletin and ensure members will receive regular updates on CAV matters.

Mai Fong Saw 苏潘美坊

Mai Fong Saw 苏潘美坊

Hon. Secretary 名誉秘书

Mark Tyssen 马克泰森

Mark Tyssen 马克泰森

Assistant Secretary 副秘书

Mark Tyssen joined CAV in 2015 and has been a great help to CAV in many aspects since 2011, many years before becoming a member. He has helped CAV in technology implementation, supporting our IT and is very hands on and important person when CAV maintenance services are required.

He holds B.AppSci and MBA qualifications and is also a Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner. Mark has a vast experience in Project and Quality Management in many industries. He has also been involved in many family land developments from 1974 to 2008.

Mark has held positions in EXCO since 2016, as Assistant Secretary & Committee Member (property & asset maintenance 2016-current), BPC (2016-2017), 2018 Constitution Review Committee and the School Council as Secretary. He also assisted with VASS Coordination for over 6 years. His CAV projects include obtaining Grants to do the conversion of all lights to LED and the installation of the Solar Panel System.

Mark has quite a mixed cultural heritage. His father is Dutch (emigrating in 1953), his mother is from Seremban in Negri Sembilan, Malaysia (emigrating in 1956) and his grandmother is Portuguese/Malay/Chinese. His wife Joyce, was born in Hong Kong (her parents are originally from China), emigrated to Australia in 1973.

Mark enjoys 4WD activities, being a member of the Subaru 4WD Club of Victoria since 1993, having undertaken roles lasting 2 or more years, as Editor, Membership and Treasurer. He is in his third consecutive year as President.

Shirley Thong is a registered BAS Agent with the Tax Practitioner Board and is a member of The Institute for Public Accountants. She has also established and runs her own Accounting Services business providing bookkeeping and business consulting services for over 25 years. She has over 35 years of professional and accounting experience in Family Office, Corporate banking, finance, property investments and development, retails, real estate and not for profits.

Shirley is a great communicator and her aim is to bring her connections to assist  businesses to access wider community organisations. She is also currently running a mentoring program by providing training to under-graduates completing their tertiary education, preparing them for the work force when graduated.

Shirley has had a long involvement in community services and was the Treasurer and Vice President of the Music Auxiliary, Scotch College and Scotch Arts. She is also the current CAV Treasurer (since 2020-2021) and is a BPC Committee Member. She is a member of various prestige clubs in Australia and is the current Treasurer of the Australian Asian Business Women’s Associations. With her experience and networks, Shirley looks forward to raising the profile of CAV and share her experience with CAV members.

Shirley Thong 唐翠婵

Shirley Thong 唐翠婵

Treasurer 财政长

Beng Law 刘墨明

Beng Law 刘墨明

Assistant Treasurer 副财政

Beng is a retiree IT professional doing software development, and data warehouse projects with over 35 years of experience. He joined CAV in 1995 as a school parent.

He enjoys Tai Chi and he is currently acting as an assistant instructor in the CAV Tai Chi group and has been helping to organize various CAV activities for many years. Beng was also the 2019 and 2020 Assistant Treasurer and has been helping CAV to streamline and consolidate the accounting system between CAV School and Main Account.

In 2021 Beng stepped up to also be the Chairman of the CAV School Council, a heavy role that he has since passed to Neoh Chee Yong.

Adwin was born in Shanghai, studied in Hong Kong and migrated to Australia in 1985. He has held important positions in various sectors such as insurance, education, migration, Church and other charitable organisations.

Adwin joined CAV in 1985 as a Life Member and participated as a committee member for many years including several years as CAV Public Relations Officer. He is well experienced in and dedicated to providing advice on developing educational facilities, first aid trainings and childcare programs. He has been a member of the Victorian Eastern Region Multicultural Advisory Committee since December 2017.

Adwin also volunteers as a senior migration consultant at the Australia for Christ Church in Rowville, where he provides pro bono migration services. In this role he helps refugees, students and other migrants to settle in Australia.  

Adwin Town 汤文海

Adwin Town 汤文海

Public Relations Officer 公关长

Boon Pin Koay 郭文斌

Boon Pin Koay 郭文斌

Committee Member 委员

Boon Pin has been a CAV member since 2019 as a school parent. Boon Pin moved to Melbourne in 2007 with his wife and is involved in the cabinet maker industry. As a Certified Hypnotherapist he also loves to study and research human behaviour .

Every Saturday, he travels around 50mins to send his 2 lovely daughters to CAV to study Chinese. Although there are many other chinese schools around his area, he chose CAV because he believes learning only academic Chinese language is not enough and children have to get more involved in Chinese culture and celebrations such as Moon cake festival, Chinese New Year, Dragon Boat Festival and more.

He hopes to take this opportunity to give back to his community and to inspire his daughters to continue learn and pass on the unique aspects of our Chinese culture from generation to generation.

Jordan joined CAV in 2012 as a school parent. Jordan hails from the Shenzhen area in Guangdong, Mainland China.

Before joining the CAV EXCO, Jordan was the Vice President and Executive Vice President of the ‘The Federation of Chinese Associations of Victoria’ (FCA) for 8 years. ​

Jordan currently works at Oculus Biomed Pty Ltd,  a Biotech R & D company as a business Development manager.

Jordan Qing Liang 梁青

Jordan Qing Liang 梁青

Committee Member 委员

Christina Chia  谢智丽

Christina Chia 谢智丽

Committee Member 委员

Christina is the General Manager & Principal for North Shore Coaching College and is responsible for multi-site operations of 20 Campuses across Victoria providing strategic leadership and management oversight to drive inclusive growth and organisational change for our learning community.

She is also involved with Rotary International (Assistant Governor for District 9810), the Mental Health Foundation Australia (MHFA) (Vice Chair to the MHFA Ambassador Program and also, its Multicultural Ambassado), Asian Australian Family Association (AAFA, President).

Christina is involved with multiple volunteer organisations and holds a MBA and Bachelor of Business Marketing & HRM from RMIT University.

Nicholas joined the CAV in 2017, and has been part of the BDG group since that time. He was elected to Exco in 2020, and became the Hon Secretary in 2021-2022. He is also a BPC committee member. Nicholas first came to Melbourne in 1976 as a Singapore Colombo Plan scholar studying Engineering at Monash University. He was subsequently awarded a Melbourne University Postgraduate scholarship in Biomedical Engineering and later completed a Masters degree in Business Administration.

Most of Nicholas’s career has been in technology related companies, with stints in Computer Operations, Networking, Manufacturing, Public Relations and Marketing. As CEO of an internet startup, he took the company to a $1 billion listing on the US NASDAQ. As VP of Motorola in China, he was responsible for the introduction of 3G mobile phone technology to China in the early 2000’s. At  CAV, he manages the website and general IT infrastructure.

Now retired, Nicholas spends his time volunteering in the Vinnies Organisation in both, Brighton and Seaford, and regularly attends Bible Study Fellowship classes in Melbourne.

Nicholas Lee  李 明 德

Nicholas Lee 李 明 德

Committee Member 委员

” Our Association is at the forefront in educating and promoting the essence of our national multicultural policies among our members and the wider Australian community. Chinese Australians are part and parcel of “One Strong United and Successful Australia”. We promote integration and sharing, mutual respect, understanding and peaceful coexistence.”

Dr Ka Sing Chua
   CAV President 1984, 1991, 1992, 1993, 2016 AND 2017


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a member?

You can be a CAV member by joining a subgroup activity. If you need an introduction to a subgroup, send us a message. You can also join by introduction from one of our CAV members.

What are the benefits of CAV membership?

As a member of CAV, you will enjoy all our activities at members’ low rates. Firstly, the CAV subgroups provide interesting and weekly activities depending on your interests. Secondly, CAV organises a large number of cultural functions and get-togethers throughout the year for you to meet and network with like-minded people. You will also receive frequent newsletter updates throughout the year and participate in our cultural events held at the center.

I am not of Chinese origin, but would like to join in one of your subgroup activities, am I eligible to join?

Absolutely, you can still join as an Associate member and participate in all activies while enjoying the same low fees as all our CAV members. However as an Associate member, you cannot be in our Executive or subgroup committees and cannot vote in any committee group decision.

Who is eligible to join CAV?

An Australian citizen or permanent resident who is, and identifies as being of, Chinese ethnicity 18 years old or above, may apply to be an Ordinary Member. Any other person aged 18 years old or above may apply as an Associate Member. The spouse and children under 18 years old of the applicant as included in this application form will be considered for admission as members in their respective categories of membership. Please refer to our membership application form for more information.

I am single, what age group am I eligible to join? ?

You can join in any of our activities (other than the CAV school) if you are over 18 years of age.

My children go to the CAV school, can I participate in CAV group activities or do I have to pay separate membership to join?

CAV membership is already included in the School fees so you can already join any CAV activities or subgroup activities by paying the applicable subgroup fees.