Our guiding hands

CAV Leadership through the years

First to arrive.

Last to leave…

Vision. Guidance. Leadership. Selflessness.

The success of the CAV is due to the vision, guidance, and leadership of the past presidents, committees, and many dedicated members who have worked tirelessly and voluntarily for the Association.

While encouraging integration with Australian society, we take cognizance of the fact that as a minority group of new Australians we need an effective organization to:

  • look after our welfare and cater to our special needs

  • promote greater understanding and appreciation of the Chinese community in Australia

  • enable us to play a positive role in local affairs which affect our well-being

Chooi Hon Ho OAM

Past presidents cutting a ceremonial cake for CAV’s 35th Anniversary

2021PresidentIwan Jusuf
20211st Vice PresidentShirley Teh
20212nd Vice PresidentMai Fong Saw
20213rd Vice PresidentChee Yeong Neoh
2021Hon. SecretaryNicholas Lee
2021Assistant SecretaryChiau Lin Lau
2021Hon. TreasurerShirley Thong
2021Assistant TreasurerYunita Tjong Fu
2021Public Relations OfficerAdwin Town
2021Committee MemberBoon Pin Koay
2021Committee MemberBeng Law
2021Committee MemberMark Tyssen
2021Committee MemberPamela Yap
2020PresidentIwan Jusuf
20201st Vice PresidentShirley Teh
20202nd Vice PresidentMai Fong Saw
20203rd Vice PresidentAdwin Town
2020Hon. SecretarySimon Soon
2020Assistant SecretaryMark Tyssen
2020Hon. TreasurerShirley Thong
2020Assistant TreasurerBeng Law
2020Public Relations OfficerAdwin Town
2020Committee MemberNicholas Lee
2020Committee MemberBoon Pin Koay
2020Committee MemberChee Yeong Neoh
2020Committee MemberEric Kong
2019PresidentDavid Soo
20191st Vice PresidentDominic Au-Yeung
20192nd Vice PresidentMimi Leung
20193rd Vice PresidentIwan Jusuf
2019Hon. SecretarySimon Soon
2019Hon. TreasurerLip Chye Tan
2019Assistant TreasurerBeng Law
2019Public Relations OfficerAdwin Town
2019Committee MemberPaul Liew
2019Committee MemberEdmund Liow
2019Committee MemberMark Tyssen
2018PresidentSusan Gin
20181st Vice PresidentShirley Teh
20182nd Vice PresidentJenny Yanli Chin
20183rd Vice PresidentIwan Jusuf
2018Hon. SecretaryJessica Lau
2018Assistant SecretaryMark Tyssen
2018Hon. TreasurerJames Kwanto Dec 2018
2018Hon. TreasurerShirley Thongfrom Jan 2019 - Mar 2019
2018Assistant TreasurerHelen Chau
2018Public Relations OfficerDiana Lin
2018Committee MemberDaniel Loh
2018Committee MemberSimon Soon
2018Committee MemberYing Zhang
2017PresidentKa Sing Chua
20171st Vice PresidentSusan Gin
20172nd Vice PresidentShirley Teh
20173rd Vice PresidentDavid Soo
2017Hon. SecretarySimon Soon
2017Assistant SecretaryChristine Teh
2017Hon. TreasurerJames Kwan
2017Assistant TreasurerHelen Chau
2017Public Relations OfficerDaniel Loh
2017Committee MemberIwan Jusuf
2017Committee MemberAdwin Town
2017Committee MemberYing Zhang
2017Committee MemberMark Tyssen
2017Committee MemberJiun Carlisle
2017Committee MemberAmber Li
2016PresidentKa Sing Chua
20161st Vice PresidentSusan Gin
20162nd Vice PresidentStephen Yin
20163rd Vice PresidentPoh Leen Yang
2016Hon. SecretaryChristine Lee
2016Assistant SecretaryYing Zhang
2016Hon. TreasurerJames Kwan
2016Assistant TreasurerHelen Chau
2016Public Relations OfficerDaniel Loh
2016Committee MemberAdwin Town
2016Committee MemberAmber Li
2016Committee MemberArthur Tseng
2016Committee MemberChristine Teh
2016Committee MemberJiun Carlisle
2016Committee MemberIwan Jusuf
2016Committee MemberMark Tyssen
2015PresidentShirley Teh
20151st Vice PresidentElizabeth Tan
20152nd Vice PresidentKai Lun Chua
2015Hon. SecretarySimon Soon
2015Assistant SecretaryAnna Huang
2015Hon. TreasurerJames Kwan
2015Assistant TreasurerHelen Chau
2015Public Relations OfficerDaniel Loh
2015Committee MemberDiana Chau
2015Committee MemberLucy Chen
2015Committee MemberChristine Lee
2015Committee MemberYan Kit Tso
2015Committee MemberTheresa Tan
2015Committee MemberStephen Yin
2015Committee MemberYing Zhang
2014PresidentShirley Teh
20141st Vice PresidentRamona Chua
20142nd Vice PresidentElizabeth Tan
20143rd Vice PresidentSimon Soon
2014Hon. SecretaryLeon Han
2014Assistant SecretaryKai Lun Chua
2014Hon. TreasurerSandra Wu
2014Assistant TreasurerYing Zhang
2014Public Relations OfficerKenny Lau
2014Committee MemberCleve Chu
2014Committee MemberMimi Leung
2014Committee MemberGary Tan
2014Committee MemberTheresa Tan
2013PresidentRamona Chua
20131st Vice PresidentBoon Chuan Tay
20132nd Vice PresidentShirley Teh
20133rd Vice PresidentFui Keong Yong
2013Hon. SecretaryLillian Lai
2013Assistant SecretaryMillie Ko
2013Hon. TreasurerSay Guan Lai
2013Assistant TreasurerAllan Yap
2013Public Relations OfficerRex Lai
2013Committee MemberIrene Ching
2013Committee MemberSiew Chin Ching
2013Committee MemberKenny Lau
2013Committee MemberMimi Leung
2013Committee MemberRichard Mok
2013Committee MemberTony Ong
2012PresidentRex Lai
20121st Vice PresidentShirley Teh
20122nd Vice PresidentBoon Chuan Tay
20123rd Vice PresidentFui Keong Yong
2012Hon. SecretaryLillian Lai
2012Assistant SecretaryLily Ong
2012Hon. TreasurerSay Guan Lai
2012Assistant TreasurerRamona Chua
2012Public Relations OfficerKenny Lau
2012Committee MemberKhim Chowto June 2012
2012Committee MemberVincent Chowto June 2012
2012Committee MemberEvelyn Hanto June 2012
2012Committee MemberLeon Hanto June 2012
2012Committee MemberRaymond Wongto June 2012
2012Committee MemberSherilyn Yongto June 2012
2012Committee MemberIrene Chingfrom July 2012
2012Committee MemberSiew Chin Chingfrom July 2012
2012Committee MemberMimi Leungfrom July 2012
2012Committee MemberRichard Mokfrom July 2012
2012Committee MemberTony Ongfrom July 2012
2012Committee MemberSiu Sofrom July 2012
2012Committee MemberRaymond CW Wongfrom July 2012
2011PresidentRex Lai
20111st Vice PresidentShirley Teh
20112nd Vice PresidentBoon Chuan Tay
20113rd Vice PresidentFui Keong Yong
2011Hon. SecretaryLillian Lai
2011Assistant SecretaryNicholas Yong
2011Hon. TreasurerSay Guan Lai
2011Assistant TreasurerVincent Chow
2011Public Relations OfficerKenny Lau
2011Committee MemberLily Ong
2011Committee MemberLeon Han
2011Committee MemberEvelyn Han
2011Committee MemberElizabeth Tan
2011Committee MemberEric Yap
2010PresidentLillian Lai
20101st Vice PresidentShirley Teh
20102nd Vice PresidentRex Lai
20103rd Vice PresidentAngie ON
2010Hon. SecretaryLeon HAN
2010Assistant SecretaryRichard LIMto 6/7/2010
2010Assistant SecretaryNancy SOOfrom 6/7/2010
2010Hon. TreasurerLip Chye TANto 6/7/2010
2010Hon. TreasurerRichard LIMfrom 6/7/2010
2010Assistant TreasurerLawrence PHOON
2010Public Relations OfficerVincent CHOW
2010Committee MemberEvelyn HAN
2010Committee MemberKenny LAU
2010Committee MemberCharles LIM
2010Committee MemberLily ONG
2010Committee MemberElizabeth TAN
2010Committee MemberBoon Chuan TAY
2010Committee MemberFui Keong YONG
2009PresidentLillian LAI
20091st Vice PresidentVic NGAM
20092nd Vice PresidentKenny LAU
20093rd Vice PresidentShirley TEH
2009Hon. SecretaryAngie ON
2009Assistant SecretaryRex LAI
2009Hon. TreasurerRichard LIM
2009Assistant TreasurerLawrence PHOON
2009Public Relations OfficerVincent CHOW
2009Committee MemberLinus CHANG
2009Committee MemberBill HO
2009Committee MemberShalin LIM
2009Committee MemberLily ONG
2009Committee MemberMai SAW
2009Committee MemberFui Keong YONG
2008PresidentKhim CHOW
20081st Vice PresidentEvelyn HAN
20082nd Vice PresidentMai SAW
20083rd Vice PresidentLillian LAI
2008Hon. SecretaryGrace CHAN
2008Assistant SecretaryLeon HAN
2008Hon. TreasurerKen ONG
2008Assistant TreasurerLawrence PHOON
2008Public Relations OfficerVictor CHOW
2008Committee MemberBill HO
2008Committee MemberSue LABBERTON
2008Committee MemberKenny LAU
2008Committee MemberJosephine RICHARDSON
2008Committee MemberAdeline SZE
2008Committee MemberShirley TEH
2008Committee MemberSusan WOON
2007PresidentKhim CHOW
20071st Vice PresidentEvelyn HAN
20072nd Vice PresidentMai SAW
20073rd Vice PresidentBrian TYEDIN
2007Hon. SecretaryGrace CHAN
2007Assistant SecretaryLeon HAN
2007Hon. TreasurerEng ONG
2007Assistant TreasurerLawrence PHOON
2007Public Relations OfficerVincent CHOW
2007Committee MemberChris CON FOO
2007Committee MemberBill HO
2007Committee MemberKenny LAU
2007Committee MemberMin LOH
2007Committee MemberAdeline SZE
2007Committee MemberAnne WONG
2006PresidentSimon Soon
20061st Vice PresidentSusan LABBERTON
20062nd Vice PresidentBrian TYEDIN
20063rd Vice PresidentJackie OOI
2006Hon. SecretaryMellisa OH
2006Assistant SecretaryLeon HAN
2006Hon. TreasurerLip Chye TAN
2006Assistant TreasurerKatherine CON FOO
2006Public Relations OfficerJimmy SON
2006Committee MemberHarry ELEFTHERIADIS
2006Committee MemberHugh EVANS
2006Committee MemberRaymond GOH
2006Committee MemberBeng LEE
2006Committee MemberMichael THONG
2006Committee MemberRaymong WONG
2006Committee MemberTin WONG
2006Committee MemberSherilyn YONG
2005PresidentSimon Soon
20051st Vice PresidentBrian TYEDIN
20052nd Vice PresidentSusan LABBERTON
20053rd Vice PresidentVic NGAM
2005Hon. SecretaryKatherine CON FOO
2005Assistant SecretaryLeon HAN
2005Hon. TreasurerLip Chye TAN
2005Assistant TreasurerSherilyn YONG
2005Public Relations OfficerJackie OOI
2005Committee MemberNancy ASHTON
2005Committee MemberRaymong GOH
2005Committee MemberAngie NG
2005Committee MemberJimmy SON
2005Committee MemberRaymond WONG
2005Committee MemberLian ZHOU
2004PresidentVincent CHOW
20041st Vice PresidentSimon SOON
20042nd Vice PresidentRaymond WONG
2004Hon. SecretaryVic NGAM
2004Assistant SecretaryAndrew FONG
2004Hon. TreasurerLip Chye TAN
2004Assistant TreasurerLeon HAN
2004Public Relations OfficerJackie OOI
2004Committee MemberNancy ASHTON
2004Committee MemberJimmy SON
2004Committee MemberBrian TYEDIN
2004Committee MemberFui Keong YONG
2004Committee MemberSherilyn YONG
2003PresidentVincent CHOW
20031st Vice PresidentLillian LAI
20032nd Vice PresidentClement CHAN
20033rd Vice PresidentDavid LIU
2003Hon. SecretaryEvelyn HAN
2003Assistant SecretarySherilyn YONG
2003Hon. TreasurerSimon SOON
2003Assistant TreasurerLip Chye TAN
2003Public Relations OfficerJackie OOI
2003Committee MemberStephanie CHEN
2003Committee MemberAndrew FONG
2003Committee MemberPeter HOMFRAY
2003Committee MemberVic NGAM
2003Committee MemberMai SAW
2003Committee MemberRaymond WONG
2002PresidentVincent CHOW
20021st Vice PresidentAlice LAI
20022nd Vice PresidentDavid LIU
20023rd Vice PresidentDavid CHONG
2002Hon. SecretaryAndrew FONG
2002Assistant SecretaryBill HO
2002Hon. TreasurerClement CHAN
2002Public Relations OfficerJeannie CHAN
2002Committee MemberStephanie CHEN
2002Committee MemberCleve CHU
2002Committee MemberEvelyn HAN
2002Committee MemberPeter HOMFRAY
2002Committee MemberSusan LABBERTON
2002Committee MemberMai SAW
2001PresidentKen ONG
20011st Vice PresidentVincent CHOW
20012nd Vice PresidentAlice LAI
2001Hon. SecretaryAndrew FONG
2001Hon. TreasurerClement CHAN
2001Public Relations OfficerHwai LOH
2001Committee MemberStephanie CHEN
2001Committee MemberCleve CHU
2001Committee MemberBill HO
2001Committee MemberPeter HOMFRAY
2001Committee MemberAngela TONG
2000PresidentKen ONG
20001st Vice PresidentVincent CHOW
20002nd Vice PresidentHwai LOH
2000Hon. SecretaryAndrew FONG
2000Assistant SecretarySiang-Kwang HAN
2000Hon. TreasurerClement CHAN
2000Public Relations OfficerAlice LAI
2000Committee MemberCleve CHU
2000Committee MemberTony ONG
2000Committee MemberStephen QUAH
2000Committee MemberLong Xiang OU YANG
2000Committee MemberJenny YAP
1999PresidentKen ONG
19991st Vice PresidentVincent CHOW
19992nd Vice PresidentAmy NG
1999Hon. SecretaryAndrew FONG
1999Assistant SecretaryLong Xiang OU YANG
1999Hon. TreasurerStephen QUAH
1999Assistant TreasurerJenny YAP
1999Public Relations OfficerAmanda ROBERTS
1999Committee MemberHwai LOH
1999Committee MemberTony ONG
1999Committee MemberLiz SOO
1998PresidentKen ONG
19981st Vice PresidentAmy NG
19982nd Vice PresidentPhillip LOW
19983rd Vice PresidentDavid CHUA
1998Hon. SecretaryLing CHIN
1998Assistant SecretaryLiz SOO
1998Hon. TreasurerStephen QUAH
1998Assistant TreasurerSek Ching KHOO
1998Public Relations OfficerHwai LOH
1998Committee MemberAndrew FONG
1998Committee MemberRose CHONG
1998Committee MemberVincent CHOW
1997PresidentTeong Soo SAW
19971st Vice PresidentAmy NG
19972nd Vice PresidentKen ONG
1997Hon. SecretaryPhillip LOW
1997Assistant SecretaryDavid CHUA
1997Hon. TreasurerRichard ONG
1997Assistant TreasurerStephen QUAH
1997Public Relations OfficerAmy LIM
1997Committee MemberFrank CHEW
1997Committee MemberKa Sing CHUA
1997Committee MemberRamona CHUA
1997Committee MemberPeter HO
1997Committee MemberYik Chee HO
1997Committee MemberJason KO
1997Committee MemberPriscilla LAU
1997Committee MemberHwai LOH
1997Committee MemberAnthony LUN
1997Committee MemberEdward PREVOT
1997Committee MemberEng Seong TAN
1997Committee MemberClement WONG
1997Committee MemberRichard WONG
1996PresidentTeong Soo SAW
19961st Vice PresidentAmy NG
19962nd Vice PresidentKen ONG
1996Hon. SecretaryAmy LIM
1996Assistant SecretaryRose CHONG
1996Hon. TreasurerRichard ONG
1996Assistant TreasurerRoger FOH
1996Public Relations OfficerEng Seong TAN
1996Committee MemberSek Ching KHOO
1996Committee MemberDavid CHUA
1996Committee MemberRamona CHUA
1996Committee MemberPeter HO
1996Committee MemberPhillip LOW
1996Committee MemberClement WONG
1996Committee MemberEdward WONG
1995PresidentTeong Soo SAW
19951st Vice PresidentDoreen CH’NG
19952nd Vice PresidentEng Seong TAN
1995Vice PresidentRichard ONG
1995Hon. SecretaryAmy NG
1995Assistant SecretaryAmy LIM
1995Hon. TreasurerEdward GWEE
1995Assistant TreasurerTom KEE
1995Public Relations OfficerKen ONG
1995Committee MemberSin Fong CHAN
1995Committee MemberRose CHONG
1995Committee MemberFrank CHEW
1995Committee MemberSek Ching KHOO
1995Committee MemberCheck Ong CHEAH
1995Committee MemberKa Sing CHUA
1995Committee MemberDavid CHUAH
1995Committee MemberPeter HO
1995Committee MemberYik Chee HO
1995Committee MemberClement LEE
1995Committee MemberPhillip LOW
1995Committee MemberClement WONG
1994PresidentTeong Soo SAW
19941st Vice PresidentSimon GOH
19942nd Vice PresidentRichard ONG
1994Hon. SecretaryShannon TAN
1994Hon. SecretaryAmy LIM
1994Assistant SecretaryCheun Ren LIM
1994Hon. TreasurerEdward GWEE
1994Assistant TreasurerTom KEE
1994Public Relations OfficerDoreen CH’NG
1994Committee MemberCheck Ong CHEAH
1994Committee MemberFrank CHEW
1994Committee MemberKa Sing CHUA
1994Committee MemberBill HO
1994Committee MemberYik Chee HO
1994Committee MemberClement LEE
1994Committee MemberLeng LOW
1994Committee MemberAmy NG
1994Committee MemberDavid SOO
1994Committee MemberEng Seong TAN
1994Committee MemberClement WONG
1994Committee MemberEdward WONG
1993PresidentKa Sing CHUA
19931st Vice PresidentSImon GOH
19932nd Vice PresidentRichard ONG
1993Hon. SecretaryShannon TAN
1993Assistant SecretaryCheck Ong CHEAH
1993Hon. TreasurerBill HO
1993Assistant TreasurerDavid CHUA
1993Public Relations OfficerEng Seong TAN
1993Committee MemberGilbert CHAI
1993Committee MemberAlbert CHERK
1993Committee MemberFrank CHEW
1993Committee MemberDoreen CH’NG
1993Committee MemberRobert CHONG
1993Committee MemberKin Wee CHUA
1993Committee MemberChooi Hon HO
1993Committee MemberSimon GOH
1993Committee MemberJacqueline GUAN
1993Committee MemberThomas LEE
1993Committee MemberPeter LOH
1993Committee MemberLeong LOW
1993Committee MemberHoh Kong NGIAU
1993Committee MemberShannon TAN
1993Committee MemberClement WONG
1992PresidentKa Sing CHUA
19921st Vice PresidentEng Seong TAN
19922nd Vice PresidentHoh Kong NGIAU
1992Hon. SecretarySin Fong CHAN
1992Assistant SecretaryCheck Ong CHEAH
1992Hon. TreasurerDavid SOO
1992Assistant TreasurerRaymond ONG
1992Public Relations OfficerKin Wee CHUA
1992Committee MemberFrank CHEW
1992Committee MemberDoreen CH’NG
1992Committee MemberRobert CHONG
1992Committee MemberSimon FAN
1992Committee MemberChooi Hon HO
1992Committee MemberLeng LOW
1992Committee MemberTeong Soo SAW
1992Committee MemberClement WONG
1992Committee MemberSo Anne WOON
1992Committee MemberChester YEOH
1992Committee MemberAnna YEOW
1991PresidentKa Sing CHUA
19911st Vice PresidentSze Yin LIOW
19912nd Vice PresidentPeter HO
1991Hon. SecretaryShannon TAN
1991Assistant SecretarySoo Ket Tan
1991Hon. TreasurerKok Siang ONG
1991Assistant TreasurerBernadette ONG
1991Public Relations OfficerKin Wee CHUA
1991Committee MemberCheck ONG CHEAH
1991Committee MemberFrank CHEW
1991Committee MemberRobert CHONG
1991Committee MemberChooi Hon HO
1991Committee MemberAlan LIEW
1991Committee MemberLeng LOW
1991Committee MemberHoh Kong NGIAU
1991Committee MemberDoris Ngui
1991Committee MemberHowie OH
1991Committee MemberRaymong ONG
1991Committee MemberEng Seong TAN
1991Committee MemberStephen SH Tan
1990PresidentAlan LIEW
19901st Vice PresidentRobert WONG
19902nd Vice PresidentKen ONG
1990Hon. SecretaryShannon TAN
1990Assistant SecretaryJenny CHENG
1990Hon. TreasurerAnna YEOW
1990Assistant TreasurerCheng WONG
1990Public Relations OfficerKa Sing CHUA
1990Committee MemberFrank CHEW
1990Committee MemberRobert CHONG
1990Committee MemberKin CHUA
1990Committee MemberChooi Hon HO
1990Committee MemberYong-Tau KEE
1990Committee MemberCheun Ren LIM
1990Committee MemberDoris NGUI
1990Committee MemberBernadette ONG
1990Committee MemberRay ONG
1990Committee MemberRichard TEH
1990Committee MemberCastrey WAI
1989PresidentAlan LIEW
19891st Vice PresidentJenny CHING
19892nd Vice PresidentKen ONG
1989Hon. SecretaryMooi Sim NG
1989Assistant SecretaryJenny CHENG
1989Hon. TreasurerAnna YEOW
1989Assistant TreasurerJimmy OOI
1989Public Relations OfficerRobert CHONG
1989Committee MemberAngeline CHAN
1989Committee MemberFrank CHEW
1989Committee MemberKa Sing CHUA
1989Committee MemberChooi Hon HO
1989Committee MemberYong Tau KEE
1989Committee MemberChuen Chau LOO
1989Committee MemberBernadette ONG
1989Committee MemberChai ONG
1989Committee MemberRichard TEH
1988PresidentChooi Hon HO
19881st Vice PresidentAlan LIEW
19882nd Vice PresidentJohn FOONG
1988Hon. SecretaryKen ONG
1988Assistant SecretaryMooi Sim NG
1988Hon. TreasurerChing Fong WAN
1988Assistant TreasurerJimmy OOI
1988Committee MemberSin Fong CHAN
1988Committee MemberRobert CHONG
1988Committee MemberChap Bow CHOW
1988Committee MemberKa Sing CHUA
1988Committee MemberHelen LEONG
1988Committee MemberKen LIM
1988Committee MemberRichard TEH
1988Committee MemberEdwin TOWN
1988Committee MemberClement WONG
1987PresidentClement WONG
19871st Vice PresidentFrank CHEW
19872nd Vice PresidentKa Sing CHUA
1987Hon. SecretaryKen ONG
1987Assistant SecretarySteven CHEE
1987Hon. TreasurerChin Fong WAN
1987Assistant TreasurerKim HO
1987Public Relations OfficerRobert WONG
1987Committee MemberSin Fong CHAN
1987Committee MemberJohn FOONG
1987Committee MemberAlan LIEW
1987Committee MemberJimmy OOI
1987Committee MemberRose PARKES
1987Committee MemberAh Choi TAM
1986PresidentFrank CHEW
19861st Vice PresidentJee Mok FUA
19862nd Vice PresidentKa Sing CHUA
1986Hon. SecretarySusah GIN
1986Assistant SecretaryMimi BASTONE
1986Hon. TreasurerRichard ONG
1986Assistant TreasurerBob LEOW
1986Public Relations OfficerRobert WONG
1986Committee MemberSteven CHEE
1986Committee MemberSze Yin LIOW
1986Committee MemberKen ONG
1986Committee MemberRose PARKES
1986Committee MemberKennan PUN
1986Committee MemberJim TAN
1986Committee MemberEddie TEH
1985PresidentFrank CHEW
19851st Vice PresidentClement WONG
19852nd Vice PresidentKa Sing CHUA
1985Hon. SecretarySusan GIN
1985Assistant SecretaryOon Huat YEOH
1985Hon. TreasurerJim TAN
1985Assistant TreasurerRichard ONG
1985Public Relations OfficerAngeline CHAN
1985Committee MemberJee Mok FUA
1985Committee MemberYik Chee HO
1985Committee MemberVanessa LEE
1985Committee MemberHun Lim ONG
1985Committee MemberMah Hoon TAN
1985Committee MemberWeng Ong TAN
1985Committee MemberEddie TEH
1984PresidentKa Sing CHUA
19841st Vice PresidentClement WONG
19842nd Vice PresidentFrank CHEW
1984Hon. SecretaryJesse LEE
1984Assistant SecretaryLim Eng ONG
1984Hon. TreasurerRonnie YEOH
1984Assistant TreasurerKing Lok LING
1984Public Relations OfficerTeng Leng GOH
1984Committee MemberJeffery CHEW
1984Committee MemberYik Chee HO
1984Committee MemberFrancesca JEE
1984Committee MemberLinda KHOR
1984Committee MemberJim TAN
1984Committee MemberMah Hoon TAN
1984Committee MemberOon Huat YEOH
1983PresidentYik Chee HO
1983Vice PresidentKa Sing CHUA
1983Hon. SecretaryJee Mok FUA
1983Assistant SecretaryWinnie QUAH
1983Hon. TreasurerFee Yong WONG
1983Public Relations OfficerChin Poh LIM
1983Committee MemberWoo Sin ANG
1983Committee MemberJenny CHENG
1983Committee MemberFrank CHEW
1983Committee MemberJesse LEE
1983Committee MemberFoong Kwan LIOW
1983Committee MemberMah Hoon TAN
1983Committee MemberClement WONG
1982PresidentGim Leong TEH
1982Vice PresidentKa Sing CHUA
1982Hon. SecretaryYik Chee HO
1982Assistant SecretarySheong Hon WONG
1982Hon. TreasurerWarren WONG
1982Public Relations OfficerJee Mok FUA
1982Committee MemberKuan Mee ANG
1982Committee MemberFrank CHEW
1982Committee MemberBoon Hung HONG
1982Committee MemberChin Poh LIM
1982Committee MemberLIM Foong Kwan
1982Committee MemberLIOW Teck THIA
1982Committee MemberMelville WONG

CAV Exco Through the Years

These are our fellow members that have given selflessly of their time by volunteering to be on a Executive Committee of the CAV.

Iwan Jusuf

2021 – 2022


Iwan Jusuf

2020 – 2021


David Soo

2019 – 2020


Susan Gin

2018 – 2019


Ka Sing Chua

2017 – 2018


Ka Sing Chua

2016 – 2017


Shirley Teh

2015 – 2014


Shirley Teh

2014 – 2013


Ramona Chua

2013 – 2014


Rex Lai

2012 – 2013


Rex Lai

2011 – 2012


Please see the database at the top right of this page for the hundreds of other Exco members who selflessly volunteered to help make the CAV what it is today.