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Gentle exercise with great benefits for strength, flexibility and balance

Performing at a CAV function


Tai Ji 太极 

The main purpose of CAV Tai Ji group is to help members to maintain and to improve general health through various forms of exercises, such as breathing and stretching exercises as well as practicing Tai Ji forms and weaponry routines.

The group is committed to promote this ancient form of Chinese martial arts to the wider communities, preserving this traditional Chinese culture.


Master Anthony Lun - Bio

Receiving the CAV Honourary Fellow award from Ramona Chua

Looking for an exercise group?

This low-impact, slow motion exercise could be what you need to maintain strength, flexibility and balance

The Tai Ji Group

Started in 1982, the CAV Tai Ji group has continued to grow under the coaching and guidance of our Past Master Boon Hung Hong, the late Master Norman Phang and our current Master Anthony Lun伦华祥 师父.

Lessons include: Breathing and stretching exercises, Tai Ji forms and weaponry.

Sunday 9:30 am -12:30 pm during CAV school terms and

Tuesday 7:30pm – 9:30 pm.

4 workshops per year.

Through the years, Master Lun has incorporated a wide range of exercises to improve members’ skills and techniques in all aspects and skill levels. Besides Chen Style and Yang Style Tai Ji Quan, members have also learnt single and double swords, single broadsword, double sticks and fan routines. In 1997, Ming Hang Yim assisted Master Lun to teach the class. When Yim left in early 2000s, Mr Beng Law was appointed the assistant instructor of the group.

In 2008, the Tai Ji group started full day workshops for 4 Saturdays a year. The extra time in the workshops enabled Master Lun to go through the Tai Ji techniques in detail.

In 2010, Master Lun was awarded CAV Honorary Life Membership in recognition of his dedicated years of for his voluntary Tai Ji teaching.

The group also practices Yang 杨式 and Wu 吴式 styles Tai Ji quan and Yang and Chen陈式 weaponry routines. In recent years, the group has been invited to perform at venues around Melbourne and Glen Waverley Chinese New Year Street Festivals.

Come see if you would enjoy exercising with us

Taking a class may be the best way to learn tai ji. Seeing a teacher in action, getting feedback, and experiencing the camaraderie of a group are all pluses. You are welcome to observe the class first to see if you feel comfortable with the approach and atmosphere.

2020 Tai Ji Group Membership Fees and Contact

CAV members – $30/ school term for the 1st 4 terms and $15/ term from 5th term onwards.
Non-CAV members $60/ school term

Chairperson, Mai Saw  0413 128 890

Tai Ji Group Executive Committee
Chairperson Mai Saw
Assistant Instructor Beng Law
Secretary Y Y Tsoi
Treasurer Heng Lee
Committee Sue Ngam
Committee Vic Ngam
Committee Rebecca Yu


Mai Saw

Chairperson, Tai Ji  group

Some of our regulars at our Tai Ji classes

Performing at an Art Gallery

It is pleasing to see that many of our members are gaining confidence in performing in public; we now have a strong team of members who have the experience in group performance.

I encourage you to come along, alone or with  friends, and see how this ancient martial art can improve your health and mental faculties.


– Mai Saw
Chairperson, Tai Ji Group