Articles in this e-Bulletin are 本期简讯中的报告有:

1)  End of Year Reflection from CAV Reflection 会长 2021 年的回顾

2)  Upcoming Activities in January & February 2022 即将举办的活动

3)  Bak Kwa (Chinese Pork Jerky) Fund Raiser 猪肉干筹款活动

4)  CAV Subgroup Activities 小组活动


2021 has been another challenging year for all of us – the CAV community, our school, Victorians and Australians in general. But for every challenge we faced, there was/is always a silver lining.

At the beginning of December, EXCO held a luncheon with all subgroups to reflect on what we

have faced and what were our hopes and plans for next year. The presentation and sharing sessions from each subgroup made me swell with optimism for all of us for next year. This is especially since next year will be another special and big milestone for CAV: Our 40th Anniversary.

Over the last year, CAV as a community organisation has done much work both at the front and behind the scenes. I have pulled out some of my reflections and highlights here, in no particular order…

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