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Online Learning at CAV Chinese School

We were very successful in switching to online learning in Term 2 and Term 3. Both, teachers and students, worked very hard, and cooperated very well to achieve our teaching goals. It is amazing to see the students’ progress in their Chinese studies. Please enjoy seeing the students in class, and also some of their fantastic work.

在第二和第三期上网课期间, 老师、学生共同努力,紧密配合,出色完成了教学计划。看到学生们的进步,真令人感到骄傲和欣慰。我们收集了部分学生的佳作,请大家欣赏。

2020 Mid-Autumn Festival celebration

On September 19 and 20, each class held a Mid-Autumn Festival celebration. Teachers organised activities of different forms. Students actively participated in making lanterns, painting moon cakes, listening to stories, watching videos, appreciating poetry, writing articles and so on. The activities were rich and varied. Below is a collection of various activities the in primary and middle schools from our teachers.


Primary Classes Activities
  • Watching the Mid-Autumn Festival custom animation, short story videos, painting moon cakes and lanterns. Introducing the customs of the Mid-Autumn Festival, and letting the students draw pictures about the Mid-Autumn Festival.
  • Introduction on people eating moon cakes and holding lantern parades during the Mid-Autumn Festival. Watching a small video of Chang’e flying to the moon. Looking at pictures and writing words and teach related new words. The story of Chang’e flying to the moon ppt, design moon cakes. Learning how the Chinese people celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival. Sharing how you celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival with your family, and learning how to make mooncakes.


  • 看中秋节习俗动画小故事视频、画月饼和花灯介绍中秋节习俗,讲解中秋节的习俗,让学生画关于中秋节的图画。
  • 介绍中秋节人们吃月饼,举办灯笼游行等活动。看嫦娥奔月的小视频。看图写话形式的写作活动并教相关生字。 嫦娥奔月的故事ppt, 设计月饼。 了解中国人庆祝中秋佳节的方式。分享自己和家人一起是怎样庆祝中秋佳节的,了解并学做月饼。
Senior Classes Activites
  • Using powerpoint slides to tell stories about the Mid-Autumn Festival; ask students to find poems about Mid-Autumn Festival and try to explain them; play a Mid-Autumn Festival short video and let students share a Mid-Autumn Festival poem, Prepare paper for lantern making.
  • Getting students to design mooncakes and talk about what is inside the mooncakes. Prepare paper-cutting and design a sticker on the theme of the Mid-Autumn Festival. Learn a short essay about the Mid-Autumn Festival, do some powerpoint games, and watch a Mid-Autumn Festival video. Appreciation of ancient poems, writing an informative essay.
  • PPT讲关于中秋节的故事;让学生找关于中秋节的诗词,并尝试讲解;播放中秋节短片, 让同学们分享一首中秋节诗词。准备几种纸灯笼制作教程,全部一起做简易纸灯笼。
  • 让同学自己设计月饼,说说你的月饼里想放些什么。准备剪纸,让同学们自己设计一幅有关中秋节主题的贴画。 学习一篇中秋节的短文,做一些ppt游戏,观看一段中秋短片。古诗欣赏写一篇说明文。

Multi-Mode Teaching

A Year 2 class in session, with teacher Cathy Fang teaching language skills, Chinese Mid Autumn Festival culture and fine motor control simultaneously.

CAV Chinese School By the Numbers

The CAV school is known for its small classes, highly qualified language teachers (mostly from China), a superb integrated educational curriculum and automatic student placement by language proficiency, rather than by age.

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Sharing and Discussing a Chinese Video Clip

Jasmine Si’s Year 10 students sharpening their auditory skills by watching a CCTV Chinese clip on the “Moon Festival” before going on to practise their verbal skills by discussing this topic in class.