Current Victorian Government Covid-19 Restrictions
DOES NOT PERMIT The Use Of Our Community Hall

the CAV Community Centre
until further notice


The ruling specifically disallows meetings or any form of exercise or movement such as Table Tennis, Dancing, or Tai Ji. Accordingly, please do NOT use the CAV for practice sessions or training, whether solo or with other people.

 The Government’s Roadmap does NOT advise us of a date for opening. When permitted, EXCO will advise all members when the Hall can be used again for regular CAV activities. Please check our website for any new notifications.

However, we have been given permission for the hall to be used as part of the VCE Exam facilities offered at the CAV.


From Wed 4th November to Thu 26th November 2020

The entire CAV site is STRICTLY OFF LIMITS, as CAV School Buildings and Hall will be used as a VCE Exam Area by AYCE – Yea High School.

Very strict conditions are in place for VCE Exam Areas, so please stay away.

If there is a breach of these requirements, keys/access privileges will be revoked for the member(s) concerned. If you are caught violating COVID-19 Restrictions, you alone will be liable for any fines levied.

 By Order of CAV EXCO 28 October 2020.