As per the latest rulings, community facilities can now open, and the two‑square‑metre rule is the only limit on the number of people who can attend. No group limits apply.

The Victorian Government has also introduced a new role – “COVID Marshall” to ensure that there is someone at all times taking responsibility to ensure that the covid safe rules are followed.

Please see: and familiarise yourselves with this requirement, which must be implemented for all subgroup activities at the CAV as follows:

Subgroup Activities

  • A committee member from the subgroup must represent the group during the session that the activity is on. The COVID marshall need not be the same person every day/every session. We will leave the subgroups to record and manage this.
  • With a COVID marshall present, we will allow up to 100 people in the CAV hall. However, this number will be halved to 50 if no designated COVID marshall is present. That is, members can come and go as they wish.
  • It is the responsibility of the COVID marshall to ensure that every person coming into the building must use either a QR code registration using the Service Victoria app on their smartphone, or have their name, contact information and time recorded on a sheet, which is to be filed and made available if required..
  • Face masks are NOT compulsory inside the hall but it is recommended that you keep one with you at all times and use this when you are sitting down and not participating in any activity.

COVID Safe sanitising at the CAV hall.

Tables and chairs used for any functions have to be sanitized after use, and before the next group can come in and use the hall. All sanitising is to be carried out in the storeroom to avoid spilling liquid spray on the hall floor, which over time may leave marks on our expensive floorboards. Additional cleaning items are also available in the CAV kitchen under the sink.

Please observe the following procedures:-

  • Tables: Carry the table to just inside the storeroom. There should be a towel on the floor where the table can be sprayed with the disinfectant spray and wiped down using soft cloths. The tables should be put away as per normal. The COVID marshall should be there with the sanitising spray and paper towels to reduce cross contamination from the handling of the spray bottle. Members will sanitise their hands with the gel provided and leave through the stage door.
  • Chairs: Individuals will carry their own chair(s) to the storeroom. The same process for sanitizing the tables should be followed.