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Frequently Asked Questions

Which “Contact Us” page should you use?  If you want to discuss CAV school issues with a school administrator, or arrange a visit, you can send an email to the principal, or use the form above.

If you want to compliment or complain about the school, or talk about CAV issues in general, send an email to or use the main “Contact Us” page of the CAV website (top right menu item).

今年学费多少钱? How much is the school fee for this year?

It varies by grade. Please see the enrolment information form (on the school home page) which lists the fees for each grade.

怎样报名?How do I enrol my child?

You will need to print and fill in the enrolment forms (from the school’s homepage), then bring it along to the school office during a school session (Saturdays and Sundays) together with the requisite fees.

学费可以一学期一交吗? Can I pay tuition fees term by term?

Unfortunately, no. The whole year’s tuition fee is required to be paid in full at enrolment.

书本费包括在学费里吗? Does the tuition fee include textbooks and exercise books?

Yes, textbooks and exercise books are included in the tuition fee for Kinder to Year 10 students. However, there are additional charges for year 11/12/VCE students for extra textbooks and workbooks.

家里没有中文背景的孩子可以上吗? Can students who do not have a Chinese language background enrol at your school?

Yes, definitely. Our teachers speak both Chinese and English, and repeat important instructions and parts in English for students to follow.

学生按照年龄分班吗? Are classes arranged by students’ ages?

Yes, in most cases. The Student’s grade in their day school and Chinese proficiency are also considered.

幼儿班家长要一直在学校陪着学生吗? Do parents of the kindergarten children need to stay with their children in classrooms?

Generally, No. However, for the first and second days of each new term, we do recommend that parents stay with their younger children for some time until the children settle down. After that, there is no need for the parents to stay around.

学校老师都是有资历和学习教育专业出身吗? Are your teachers qualified?

Yes. All our teachers are well qualified. In fact, almost 75% of our teachers have Masters degrees in Teaching, or Early Childhood Education, or will complete their Postgraduate degrees this year. Many teachers have attended the LOTE course run by DET, and several teachers were already school teachers before coming to Australia.

CAV中文学校参加VCE的考试是哪一种类? Which category of Chinese does your school offer for VCE Chinese?

We currently offer Chinese as a Second Language (CSL) and Chinese as a Second Language Advanced (CSLA) courses. However, if there is interest in other categories, we may be able to offer these too. Come talk to us.