Mid Autumn Festival 2020

Design Competition

The CAV challenge this year is:

  • To make a lantern using recycled materials


  • To work with your parents or grandparents to build your lantern


  • Reused or recycled plastic materials as the MAIN MATERIAL (eg. plastic bottles, egg crates, straws, buttons, plastic bags, scrap material etc)
  • The lantern size should be AT LEAST 40CM ON ONE SIDE – either length, breadth or height.
  • Should weigh less than 3kg

Egg Carton Flower Lamp

Judging Criteria

Use of materials20%
Lantern captures the essence of the theme20%
Overall Presentation20%


  1. Due Date for submissions is Sunday 8th November by 5pm, and is open to ONLY Victorian students.
  2. First prize is $150, while first and second runners up will each get $75 in the form of shopping gift cards.
  3. Results will be provided on 15th November 2020.
  4. Your submission will be in the form of photos. Please email your Name, Address, the name of your school, your photos and the name of your lantern project to [email protected], Feel free to add a few lines talking about your concept and problems you faced making the lantern.
  5. Photos must show:
  • Starting stage of lantern – plans/drawings or early construction (if any)
  • Half way point of construction
  • Posing with final result, which must also include a ruler of at least 30cm length, on the side of the lantern.

The Judges Decision is final.



Google “Lanterns using  recycled materials” as a start to get some ideas.

(above) Photos from Radin Mas Primary School in Singapore – click image to see more (full disclosure: we stole the competition idea from them)

Turning trash into lanterns and keeping tradition alive. Click to read/see his work.

Some of these lanterns are not made of recycled material, but could be fun to make anyway