CAV is lending its kitchen to The Food Affectionist (Lillie Giang) who is spearheading an initiative to help out those who are doing it tough because of Covid and natural disasters in Victoria.

With donated food from Outer East Foodshare, Foodbank Victoria, SecondBite and OzHarvest Melbourne and other charitable organisations, Lillie has the challenging task of sculpting whatever that has been donated, into scrumptious meals for the disadvantaged.

This week with volunteer sous chefs Shirley Teh and Shirley Tong, they created a tasty menu consisting of Fried Rice, Massaman Curry Jackfruit and Vegetables, Apple & Pear Crumble with Coconut Salted caramel and Stir fried Spaghetti and notched up a total of 161 meals!

These meals will be collected and delivered to various agencies. So please reach out if you or someone you know could do with a meal or two. They are free.

If you want to help, please give Shirley Teh a call. The initiative is also looking for financial support so that they can add some protein into the meals (most of the donations are almost-expired Veggies and Carbohydrates). Lillie has been sponsoring a large part of this, so if you can make a small donation, let Lillie know. Or let me know, and we will get it to her.

If there is a little voice in your head recognising how lucky you have been thus far, feel free to pay it forward so that some lucky person who has fallen on hard times will get a free meal. After all, it could have been you.


Outer East Foodshare has advised that the food cooked above is going to The Philanthropic Collective in Olinda x 44 serves, Tecoma Uniting Church x 41 serves, Monbulk Care Works x 28 serves and St. Luke’s in Cockatoo x 28 serves. Be The Ripple will also receive x 20 serves.

Lets see what next week brings…