President’s Message




Dear Members and Friends,

CAV held its AGM on Sunday 18 March 2018.

I am pleased to announce our newly elected Executive Committee. 

We are fortunate indeed to have such a well-qualified and committed Team volunteering for CAV.
Click here for Executive Team’s bios and further details






Executive Committee 2018

Position                                   Name                  Background

President                                 Susan Gin                 Law

First Vice-President              Shirley Teh               Accounting

Second Vice President         Jenny Chin                Banking & Finance

 Third Vice President             Iwan Yusuf               IT & Printing Business

Secretary                                 Simon Soon               Management

Assistant Secretary                Mark Tyssen             Management

Treasurer                                 James Kwan             Accounting

Assistant Treasurer                Helen Chau              Accounting

Public Relations Officer        Diana Lin                  Banking & Finance

Committee                               Jessica Lau               Assurance & Advisory

Committee                               Daniel Loh                Property Development

Committee                               Ying Zhang               Chinese Teaching


2018 Plans

In 2018, we will see some changes in CAV’s strategic direction, as we strive to build our community leadership as a pre-eminent Chinese Australian association.

 Key projects

  • Land development project
  • Formation of business group
  • New Constitution
  • Hall upgrade
  • Website improvement
  • Philanthropic engagement
  • Strengthening relationships with other associations

We have a full and exciting calendar of events coming up – do not miss out!

Please diarise our Mid Year Dinner on Sat 23 June & Gala Ball on Fri 5 October

May I take this opportunity to thank you for your continuing support. We look forward to working together towards a successful year ahead for CAV.

Susan Gin