The Chinese Association of Victoria was established in 1982 from very humble beginnings. The membership comprised primarily of professionals who have chosen to make Australia their home. Many of its members were originally from South-East Asian countries and of Chinese heritage.

In 1984, we managed to secure a beautiful 5 acres landsite in Wantirna. This was developed into a landmark Education and Cultural Centre with facilities for a Chinese Language School and a recreation centre. The Association provides facilities and venues for the promotion of Chinese language, culture and heritage.  We believe that as Chinese Australians, we have a role to play in sharing our Chinese heritage and fostering goodwill with the wider Australian community.

Australia is one of the most successful multicultural countries in the world. Our Association is in the forefront in educating and promoting the essence of our national multicultural policies among our members and the wider Australian communities. Chinese Australians are part and parcel of “One Strong United and Successful Australia”. We promote integration and sharing, mutual respect, understanding and peaceful coexistence. As Australian citizens, we have an overriding loyalty to this country, its parliamentary democracy, the rule of law and its associated institutions.

The Association has also maintained a strong relationship with the Chinese Consulate in Melbourne and has promoted friendship and exchanges between the peoples of Australia and China since 1982. We congratulate both the Governments of Australia and China for the huge success that they have achieved since 1972, in this 45th Anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relation.

This 35th Anniversary Magazine captures our contribution to this magnificent country we call home. As Chinese Australians, we can be proud of our contribution to multicultural Australia.

We wish to thank our current and past Executive Committees for their leadership and selfless contribution. We are proud of what the Association has achieved over the past 35 years through the dedicated voluntary work of our many members.




澳大利亚是世界上最成功的多元文化国家之一。我协会在教育和促进我会会员和更广泛的澳洲社区对多元文化政策核心意识方面处于领先地位。澳洲各族人民组成一个“强大、团结和成功的澳大利亚”. 华人是其中的重要组成部分。我们极積促进社会融洽、互助分享、互相尊重、理解和和平共处。我们大家作为澳大利亚公民必须对这个国家、对其议会民主、法制和有关的规章制度的尊守並效忠澳洲。

我们协会从1982年以来始终保持与中国驻墨尔本总领事馆的良好关系并促进澳中两国人民的友谊和相互交流。今年是澳中建交45 周年,我们也祝贺澳中两国政府自1972年两国建交以来已经取得的巨大成就.







UPDATE : September 2017

I am very fortunate to have a very capable Executive Committee elected since March 2017. We have been working tirelessly for members in many areas, both inside and outside CAV. This newsletter will keep you informed. Please read the reports inside this newsletter to keep up with our activities. Please come to participate, enjoy yourself and help where you can. This is your Association and family club house.

The 35th Anniversary Mid Year Dinner and Dance celebration on Saturday 24, July 2017 was a stunning success. The Hall was packed to its maximum of around 250 people. VIPS, guests and members have a wonderful evening. And to top it up, we also raised about $38,000 for CAV School Building Trust Fund.

On behalf of CAV, I would like to take this opportunity to extend my sincere thanks to all our donors, sponsors, VIPS, guests and friends and our members who supported this Event. Special thanks to my Organising Committee headed by Shirley Teh, assisted by Susan Gin and their committee.

We are at the same time also busy preparing for our coming Special 35th Anniversary Gala Ball which is the annual showcase for CAV to the public. This promises to be of course, a much bigger and grandier Event than our Mid Year Dinner Dance. I hope you and your friends, business fraternity, sponsors, members and their guests will not miss out. Please secure your seats as early as possible before it runs out.

The Organising Committee for this special Gala Ball is headed by Susan Gin assisted by Shirley Teh.  Both are experience CAV leaders. We are very fortunate to have them leading again. Booking details are in the newsletter.

Another important task we have been busy with since March, is the preparation for our 35th Anniversary Commemorative Magazine with a very strong editorial team. We have received many congratulatory messages from the Hon. Malcolm Turnbull, Prime Minister of Australia, Leader of Opposition The Hon. Bill Shorten, Premier of Victoria the Hon. Daniel Andrews, Leader of Opposition The Hon. Mathew Guys, Mr Zhao Jian, the Consul General in Melbourne and many other VIPS.  This high quality publication will highlight the achievements and contributions of CAV and its members to this beloved country Australia, we call home.

I have a very good news to inform you that we have successfully installed a 10.4kW Solar Photovolyaic Panel System on our Hall. It is not only environmental friendly but will help to save us money in the long term. On behalf of CAV, I wish to register special gratitude to our local Federal MP for Aston, the Hon. Alan Tudge, Minister for Human Services and his Office for assisting us in this whole process with a grant of $10,000. Mr Tudge has been invited to unveil a plague at CAV to his honour on 15 September 3.00pm.

Last but not least, the Building Project Committee and EXCO are also working constantly to implement the building of our future multipurpose Masterplan complex approved in March at our AGM. “Rome is not built in one day” – We will keep you posted. Please read the BPC report.


会长的话     蔡家声医生



6月24日星期六庆祝建会35周年年中晚宴和舞会的成功令人惊叹。最多能容纳约250人的大厅挤满人群。政要,贵宾和会员们,度过了一个非常愉快的夜晚。我们也为维省中华协会中文学校建筑信用基金筹款将近3万8千元。我代表维省中华协会想借此机会向赞助我们本次盛会的所有赞助者、政要、来宾和朋友以及我们的会员们表示衷心的感谢。特别感谢由Shirley Teh女士领导并由Susan Gin女士协助的组委会以及他们的委员们。

与此同时,我们也忙于准备庆祝建会35周年的年终盛大的盛裝舞会晚宴,这是维省中华协会向公众的年度展示。当然,这将比我们的年中晚宴舞会更加盛大。我希望你们和你们的朋友、商界同人,赞助人,会员们以及他们的宾客不要失去机会。请侭快定位, 在未满之前预订座位。本次特殊的盛裝舞会晚宴的组委会是由Susan Gin女士领导并由Shirley Teh女士协助的。她们两位都是很有经验的维省中华协会领导人。我们很幸运有她们再次领导组织这次盛会。定位详情等均刊登在会讯中。

自3月份以来我们一直忙于完成的另一项重大任务. 那就是准备出版建会35周年的纪念特刊,由一组能力很强的编辑小组在编辑。我们收到澳大利亚总理Malcolm Turnbull、反对党领袖Bill Shorten、 维州州长Daniel Andrews、维州反对党领袖Mathew Guys、中华人民共和国驻墨尔本总领事赵建先生以及许多政要的贺词。 高质量会刊将突出维省中华协会以及其会员们的成就以及对我们美好家园的澳大利亚-我们心爱的国家所作出的贡献。

我还有好消息告知你们。我们已经在我们的大厅上面成功的安装了10.4千瓦的太阳能光伏面板系统,这不仅有利于环保,而且从长远来说为我们节约金钱。 我僅代表维省中华协会向Aston地区联邦政府议员、人类服务部长Alan Tudge先生和他的办事处人员表达特别的感激之情,他们在整个过程中协助我们,为我们拨款1万元。我们邀请Tudge先生在9月15日下午3点在维省中华协会为此项目揭幕。




Dr Ka Sing Chua

President of Chinese Association of Victoria Inc.

8 Ashley St, Wantirna, Vic., 3152

Mobile: 0409 838388




Dr Ka Sing Chua - CAV President 2016 - 2017

Dr Ka Sing Chua – CAV President 2016 – 2017

Dear members,
I am humbled and honoured to be returned to CAV Presidency again in 2016.
For those who have not heard of me, I am a foundation member and the inaugural Vice-President of Founding EXCO in 1982 and has never left CAV in one role or another. I became President in 1984  we managed to negotiate and bought the landsite at Wantirna. I was elected President again in 1991 to 1994 when we embarked on building our CAV Centre and School and completed it 1995.

And now in 2016, you may ask why I am happy to come back? Because I have a mission and a vision for CAV. I wish to share with you. That is to develop the landsite in front of CAV into an icon Chinese Australian landmark. This development will encompass  the ideal and objectives of CAV. It will have to be a commercial development that will not only promote our Chinese Australian culture and heritage, it will also produce a long term revenue to support all the non-profit activities that we carry out. The master plan in future will  have a broad Education and Learning Centre for all thing Chinese, language, culture, history, literature, music, arts, culinary science and a beautiful Reception Centre complex with a Chinese Garden to go with the nature of our environment etc.

It is a lifetime aspiration to be realised step by step. I will keep you all informed as we goes. So watch this space.

I am also very pleased to inform you that we have now a full Executive Committee ready to serve you and the community. Majority are younger, energetic, enthusiastic  and talented members. I have also three very capable Vice-Presidents to assist me. They are Mrs Susan Gin, a former Secretary of CAV, an experienced lawyer and investor,  Mr. Stephen Yin another legal mind , lawyer turned entrepreneur and community activist/leader and last but not least Ms Poh Leen Yang an experienced Banker.

New Secretary is Dr Christine Lee, PhD; an established academic and community leader who is on the Board of Ethnic Communities Council of Victoria representing CAV. Assistant Secretary Ying Zhang is an experienced Chinese language teacher, handy in handling our translation and interpreting. Our Treasurer James Kwan continues in the job from previous EXCO. He is a very competent accountant, handled our account with flying colour at the last AGM. He is assisted by an enthusiastic young Helen Chau who is a graduate student. Public Relation Officer continues by capable Daniel Loh who is a developer, builder and real estate agent as well.

Committee includes Edwin Town; an experienced community leader working as a migration agent, Chris Teh; another experienced Banker, Iwan Yusuf; an experienced IT and sign writer, Amber Li; a senior property lawyer, Arthur Tseng; a corporate finance strategist and community leader with lot of charity work experience behind him, Jiun Carlisle; another enthusiastic young property lawyer and last but not least Mark Tyssen; a man of multi-talent who can fix anything that goes wrong in CAV. I mean almost anything. Well done Mark.

The complete list of 2016-2017 Exco member can be found from our official website.

Finally please support us and contribute whatever you can to help us achieved the Aims and Objectives of CAV i.e serving the community in various forms.

Two very important dates for you to remember:

See you soon. Please contact me if you have any good suggestion.

Best regards
Ka Sing

Dr Ka Sing Chua








我在2016年再度担任维省中华协会主席, 我感到很荣幸,也很谦卑。


对于不知道我的人,我略谈我自己, 我是维省中华协会创会会员和1982年建立执委会的創会首届副主席,接下来一直在中华协会担任不同的 职务。我于1984年 担任中华协会的主席。我们大家合作协商,在Wantirna买了现在这一块土地。在1991年至1994年我再度当选为主席。在这3年期间我们开始策劃建造维省中华协会中心和中文学校,並于1995年建成。


现在是2016年,你可能会问为什么我愿意回来担任主席?因为我怀有对维省中华协会的使命和展望。我想与你们分享。这就是想将维省中华协会会所前面的土地开发建成一个有传统风格的中澳地标。这一开发的场所将包括中华协会的完美设想和目标。  它将成为不仅弘扬澳州华人的文化遗产,而且也能提供长期收益的商业发展场所。这一长期收益将为我们所从事的非盈利活动提供资金。今后的总计划包括建造一个中文、中华文化、历史、文学、音乐、艺术、烹饪技术等广泛的教学中心和一个高挡完美的接待中心,和以特出美丽宜人的中国花园为周围自然环境的综合建筑体。




我也非常高兴告知你们我们执委会人员已经齐备,以便为你们和社区服务。大多数执委会人员比较年轻,富有朝气、干劲和才能。我有3位非常能干的副主席协助我。他们是Susan Gin女士、维省中华协会前秘书长,一位非常有经验的律师和投资者,Stephen Yin先生是另一位法律人士,从律师成为企业家和社区活动家和领袖,第三副主席是Poh Leen Yang 女士,一位很有经验的银行经理。


新秘书长是Christina Lee博士,一位有建树的学术人员和社区领袖,是代表维省中华协会的维省民族社区委员会董事会成员。助理秘书长是Ying Zhang,一位有经验的中文老师,便于处理我们的口笔译任务。我们的财务James Kwan继续担任财务管理,他是我们执委会以前的财务,一位非常胜任工作的会计师,在去年年会上非常成功地完成了我们的账务管理。现在年轻有干劲的大学毕业生Helen Chau协助他工作。公共关系负责人由能干的Daniel Loh继续担任,他是一位房地产开发商,建筑商和房地产中介。


理事会包括Edwin Town,一位有经验的社区领袖,移民代理,Chris Teh, 另一位有经验的银行工作者, Iwan Yusuf,一位有经验的信息技术人员和招牌广告书写人,Amber Li,一位资深的房地产律师, Arthur Tseng,公司财务策划和社区领袖,有许多慈善工作的经验,Jiun Carlisle,另一位年轻有干劲的房地产律师,最后一位是Mark Tyssen, 一位具有多方面才能的人,他能邦肋修理和解决维省中华协会里发生的任何问题。我意思是指几乎是任何事情。你做得好, Mark。